Personalised Football Shirts For Football Team

If you’re a 5 a side or amateur football team, finding the correct supplier of football shirts is important. When choosing your team football kits it is important to make sure that your supplier can also accommodate your needs in terms of providing football kit printing and/or embroidery so that your team’s kits can be personalised.

Many local suppliers can help you choose your kits and you should be able to select from a wide range of colours and sizes to design the perfect football team wear for your club, combining your team colours with matching football shirts, shorts and socks. Prostar, a well known maker/supplier of quality team football kits, (who supply their products through a network of registered distributors) ensure that their products use fabrics that can easily accommodate printing and embroidery, but they do not include personalisation of kits within their standard pricing structure. In man คาสิโนy cases your local distributor can provide printing and embroidery of football shirts, shorts and in some cases socks. In addition some will also be able to provide similar services for team training wear.

When personalising team football kits this can be done by incorporating your team emblem as a printed logo or the logo can be embroidered on your new shirts and shorts as required. It is also possible and quite common to add printed sponsors logos. Names and numbers can also be printed to ensure each player has the perfect football kit.

If emblem and logo printing/embroidery is required there is normally an initial charge for generating the artwork template, but this template can be used many times in the future to produce more personalised football kits with only the cost of the actual printing/embroidery then being charged.

When selecting your kit supplier/distributo


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