MKV to iPod MP4 Converter

MKV – Represents Matroska Video Record, is the matroska compartment design. These days it is the for the most part video records, too those containing sound (films) or video as it were. MKV is comparable in origination to different holders like AVI, MP4 or ASF.

A few popular motion pictures might utilize mkv design as the accompanying explanation:
Its open source programming player/instruments
Support for practically any codec.
Quality-wise, better GUI for muxing devices and more resistant to simpleton.
Because of these reasons, MKV design became well known, particularly on the film download sites.

Searching for the method for switching MKV over completely to iPod MP4, you should as of now have this sort of video documents. As the film downloaded from iTunes are safeguarded and shows up in WMV design.

I found an answer guide on ubuntuforums:
First introduce mkvextract, mkvinfo, MP4Box, hexedit and mplayer
$ sudo well-suited.- get introduce mkvtoolnix gpac hexedit mplayer

Then you want neroAacEnc. Unload mp4 converter linux registry, chmod +x neroAacEnc and duplicate it to an area of your decision (whitin the way)

I’ve downloaded Legends Season 2 episode 11 which as this filename: Heroes_S02E11_720p.mkv (and indeed, this is lawful in Norway!)

Then you need to figure out which tracks contains the sound and video.
$ mkvinfo Heroes_S02E11_720p.mkv
Look at the printout to track down the tracks.

(in my mkv record video is on track1 and sound is on target 2. Change the numbers to fit you mkv record)

Then demux the mkvfile by running:
$ mkvextract tracks 1:video.h264 2:audio.ac3

Close to do is to change one byte inside the video.h264.
$ hexedit video.h264
On the principal line you ought to see this number mix:
“67 64 00 33”
change this to:
“67 64 00 29”
press ctrl-s to save and ctrl-z to exit

Then, at that point, you really want to switch sound over completely to aac design.
$ mkfifo audiodump.wav
$ neroAacEnc – ignorelength – q 0.20 – if audiodump.wav – of audio.m4a and mplayer audio.ac3 – vc invalid – vo invalid – ao pcm:fast
This might require several minutes.

The main thing left is to mux the video and sound record:


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