Job Analysis & Job Evaluation: Explained

Job Analysis is the process of studying a job to determine which activities,Job Analysis & Job Evaluation: Explained Articles responsibilities and qualifications are necessary for the performance of the job and the conditions under which the work is being performed. Therefore, it is safe to say that job analysis is the fundamental basis as to why job description is being formulated.

A job description is the outcome of a job analysis which entails the detailed functions of the position required for a certain job. Key responsibilities that need to be performed by the hired employee are documented here. It also plays a vital role when it comes to the performance management process in the evaluation of the employee’s performance against the job requirements. It is therefore a basis of an employer-employee interaction leading to appraisal, development, pay and succession discussions.

However, different jobs are 룸알바 having different contribution and some jobs are worth more than the other. This is where job evaluation comes in the picture. A job evaluation is a systematic way of determining the value/worth of a job in relation to other jobs in an organization. It tries to make a systematic comparison between jobs to assess their relative worth for the purpose of establishing a rational pay structure. Job evaluation needs to be differentiated from job analysis. Job analysis is a systematic way of gathering information about a job as mentioned above. It is the evaluation of work for the purpose of determining the value of the job inside the organization. It helps in the setting of a uniform and rational compensation structure. For more information on this refer Job evaluation is therefore the basis of pay grade level. It should be noted that the concept of job evaluation is based on the job itself and not the person doing the job. Thus, we must focus on the job and not the person while conducting the job evaluation exercise.