Do You Want To Change Your Belief Pattern?

What do you believe about yourself that you wish you didn’t? This belief that limits you or,Do You Want To Change Your Belief Pattern? Articles at the very least, has undesirable results. What belief is that?

There are lots of negative belief patterns out there, here are just a few: *I’m too stupid.* *I’m too short.* *I’m too tall.* *I’m too fat.* *I’m too skinny.* *I’m too poor.* *I never went to college, so I’ll never get anywhere.* *My brother/sister is the successful one. I’ll never get where they are.* *I don’t fit in.*

Which belief pattern is yours that you want to change? One of those, or do you have a different one?

Now, what submodalities do you use as you imagine or picture it?

*** TIP: Space is at a minimum here, so I am assuming you’ve learned the submodalities in*Power Picture.* If you haven’t, you can read it here:

Now, let’s see a different picture. Imagine or visualize a picture of something you doubt. Something that might be true or might not be — you’re just not sure. What does this picture look like?

Now, list the submodalities for your picture of your unwanted belief AND for your picture of doubt.

After you’ve done that, catalog your feelings for both by answering these questions:

How is your stomach when you see this picture? Is it tight, does it have butterflies in it, is it gurgling, is it upset, does it have a lead weight in it? Or is nothing at all going on in your stomach?

Do you have a weight on your chest/shoulders/head? Or does it feel like a weight is lifted? Or is nothing at all going on in those areas?

Is your heart beating faster or slower?

Is your breathing faster or slower?

Now, you have two lists, one for each picture. Those lists tell the submodalities for each picture and the feelings that picture has caused in your body.

Now, what new belief would you like to have in place of the belief you wish you didn’t have? This belief states that you can learn to change, NOT that you have changed.

Now, think for a minute. If you have this new belief, could it cause a problem? Think about your new belief in relationship with your friends, family, work, relationships? When you’ve figured out that the new belief is a win/win situation, continue.

Here is the process:

Change your belief, the one you want to change, to doubt by making the submodalities the same as the doubt picture. If your picture is far away in the doubt picture, make your belief picture far away. Now, change content, the picture is now a doubtful picture, so you don’t believe what you used to, you *doubt* it. Make your old picture dim and far away, then have it come back as the new picture of doubt.

Now, here’s how you change doubt to belief:

Change doubt to belief using the same technique you used in to change belief to doubt, only now, you’re changing it to the belief you want. Be alert to any difficulties. If new belief isn’t stated right or has negations *not or no* in it, some part of you may object. Change it until it works.

Test: How do I feel? If you feel good, if you feel successful, you did great! Congratulations! Now, that you know how to do it, change your other limiting beliefs and watch your life change!